Fainou Faiti

  • Categoría: Fighting Games
  • Licencia: Freeware
  • Tamaño: 1.72 KB
  • Sistema: wXP vista w7 w8
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A fight game set in the streets of Brazil.

Fainou Faiti is a variant of the Double Dragon or Final Fight type fighting game that were so successful and garnered much fame in the early 1990s. Except this time it's set in the very streets of a Brazilian city.

The Fainou Faiti graphics perfectly fit the style of the first games of Street Fighter and movements are somewhat basic, but that doesn't remove any of the fun, because apart from the blows, hits and kicks, you'll love the strong onomatopoeic sounds they not only say, but are also written.

Fainou Faiti is totally free.


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